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Ok, so I was tagged by :iconskybird99:, and I'm bored so I'm gonna do his questions! I am a dummy!


1) Do you love bacon? (There is no such thing as simply "liking" bacon) YESSSSSSSS

2) Have you ever tried writing with your feet, mouth and or nose? o3o Yep, with my feet, and mouth. Bucktooth Doesn't turn out well, that.

3) Do you like any of my art? If so, tells meeeeeeee ;u; Yep! Which is why I always pester you to draw stuffs for meeeee!

4) What would you look for in a significant other? I need someone that can accept me for me, no one ever has, so it would be good to find that in a person.  

5) If you were the only person left on earth for a week, what would you do? Steal everything I've always needed, like a Critter Nation for my rats and all the things I want to buy for them, steal enough money to get my cat Tom out here and pay for his vet bill, steal enough money to give my mum so she could move out here and live a better life..anddd pretty much whatever else I felt like doing..

6) What's your favorite animal and why? I've always felt an intense passion for wolves my entire life, I know, it's cliche, but it's true, I also feel connected to foxes, possums, coyotes, tigers, and rats.

7) Name a food you never want to see ever again because you hate it/made you sick/ tastes horrible. Hmmmm can't think of anything right now for that....but I do hate cottage cheese, it makes me vomit because of it's consistency that has the likeliness of vomited milk.  

8) If you could, would you want to meet me in real life? I am a dummy! Yes! 

9) What would you do to someone who was picking on a sibling/parent/friend or relative? I would saunter up to them and use my sharp tongue and cruelly sarcastic wit to intimidate them and make them back down.

I tag :iconcrypticcritters: and anyone else who wants to do this.


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I Dance With The Dead Things
United States
Yes there ARE dead animal pelts in my gallery, it's called taxidermy, and I am into it and I love my pelts more than anything and cherish them greatly, if you don't like dead animals and taxidermy, then hit that back button right now and never return.

PLEASE do NOT thank me for watching you, or favoriting your art, yes, I know you are greatful, and I am happy for you, but you don't need to comment on my profile saying so.

I'm just a simple girl who's trying to get her foot in the door or artistry and failing miserably. XD

However, I do commissions from time to time and I am always improving with my art.

For digital art commission info, please visit my website.

Commissions are currently: OPEN!

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galianogangster Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello; I've noticed you haven't gotten a ref up for Vann, the curly capo you adopted from me. Do you still want him?
PlushActionToys Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
thanks for the watch!
Antleraptor Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
So, do you have any interest in the item that I worked pretty hard on to make as per your specifications? I mean, it's been a while and I would like to get paid for it at some point... :/
Hello I was searching through my Capo litters and noticed I couldn't find a reference for #2 here: eternallyrickennel.deviantart.… Do you still want this pup/dog?
galianogangster Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Antleraptor Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013

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galianogangster Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What design is on Achilles' collar?
WolfHaunt Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
It's a Native American bird symbol. I can see if I can find a better photo of it, but I didn't have much luck before. Dx
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